Top 100 Ways to Use Evernote
10 Evernote Tips for Schools
Classroom 2.0 Blog on Using Evernote in Language Arts and Art
14 Ways Evernote Can Help Principals Manage Schools
How to email to your Evernote Account

Google Tools

Join the Central US Google Apps for Education User Group!
Richard Byrnes' Google Tools e-book I for teachers
Richard Byrnes' Google Tools e-book II for teachers

Google Docs
Google Docs in Plain English(Video)
Richard Byrne's Free Google Guide for Teachers
Advanced Tips and Tricks in Google Docs
Google Docs self-paced module
Lesson plans that incorporate Google Docs
Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
Sample Document

Google Sites
Google Sites Intro via Teachertube
Google Sites self-paced module

Google Forms/Spreadsheets
Sample Form
Google Forms Intro and Uses
71+ ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom
Flubaroo - self-grading quizzes with Google forms
Step by Step Guide to Using Flubaroo
Use a Google Docs Spreadsheet to Send Text Message Alerts to Students

Google Maps
Interesting Ways to Use Google Maps in the Classroom

Google Voice
Tips for using Google Voice with your students

Google Chrome/Youtube

What's new?

QR Codes at a Glance
QR Codes: What are they and why should I care?
38+ interesting ways to use QR codes in the classroom

Constructing a Professional Learning Network

How to Build a Professional Learning Network (PLN)
Nebraska's Beth Still on creating a PLN and using web 2.0 tools
Social Networking Sites for Teachers
Did You Know? Social Networking

Twitter Resources


Finding People to Connect with on Twitter

Twitter in Schools

Twitter Helper Apps

General Twitter Info

Education Blogs
List of Education of Blogs by Discipline
Free Tech for Teachers
School AUP issues
100 Best Blogs for Tech-Savvy Teachers - Online Courses
The Best Collections Of Web 2.0 Tools For Education
100 Blogs Every Teacher Should Read
The Principal's Page Blog

Education Wikis
Great collection of resources for using wikis in the classroom
Ten Interesting Ways to use a Wiki in the Classroom
Digital Citizenship Wiki

Resources about Facebook
Coach Sued for Requesting Facebook Log-ins
10 Solid Tips to Safeguard Your Facebook Privacy
Controlling Privacy Settings in Facebook
Using Facebook in the Classroom
Edmodo - Social networking for education
Sample response to parent/student Facebook friend requests:
  • I’m so glad you want to connect with me. I’ve decided to keep my Facebook profile private with my close friends and family. But I would like to stay connected to you. So if you would like to join my fan page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeff-Utecht/75623012224 we can stay in touch. Thanks! Jeff

Suggested Education-related Facebook Pages to Follow

(FOLLOW US!) Educational Service Unit 6

School Pages

Centennial Public Schools
Crete Public Schools
District #145 Community Prevention Coalition
Hershey Panthers
Millard Public Schools Human Resources
Lincoln Public Schools
Nebraska Center for the Education of The Blind and Visually Impaired
Norris School District #160
Seward Public Schools
Waverly High School Freshman Science
Waverly High School Vikings
Waverly High School Speech Team
Waverly Viking Band
York Public Schools

Nebraska/National Educational Associations/Groups

Nebraska Mathematics Professional Development Series
Nebraska Music Educators Association
Nebraska School Activities Association
Nebraska Loves Our Public Schools
NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)
NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
NETA (Nebraska Educational Technology Association)
IRA (International Reading Association)
ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)
NASET (National Association of Special Education Teachers)
NATS (Nebraska Association of Science Teachers)

Professional/Educational Pages

21st Century Nebraska School Librarians
Connected Principals
Cyberbullying Research Century
ESL Primary Teachers
Elementary Teachers
Engaging Technologies
English Teachers Network
Facebook in Education
Free Technology For Teachers
Free App Alert
Fund For Teachers
Gateway to 21st Century Skills
I'm a Band Director
Khan Academy
Let Students Use Cell Phones for Learning
PE Central
Spanish Teachers
Teaching Generation Text
Theatre Arts Teachers
Two Writing Teachers
eInstruction (interwrite boards, pulse pens, CPS clickers)

Cell Phone Info

Cha Cha
Google SMS
Cell phones at school? Article from Washington Post
Mosquito ring tones
Cell Phone Jamming Abandoned in Iowa School District
Cell phones used for cheating?
Please turn on your cell phone
Engaging Learners with Cell Phones
Video showing dangers of texting while driving
Textiquette and Mobile Manners
Welcoming Mobile Technology
Digital Nation Cell Phones in Schools
Cell Phones in Schools Bookmarks Collection
Cell phones in the Classroom
Cell Phones Tackle Reading and Language Barriers

Productivity Tools

Remember the Milk - Manage To-Do Lists
Lovely Charts | Free online diagram software
Make a Print Friendly Version of any WebPage, save Webpages as a PDF
Go Poll Go
Evernote- Collect thoughts, web sites, etc. in one place
Doccop - Plagiarism detection
Soshiku - Don't miss a deadline again! Great online planner for students and teachers alike.
TimZon - The Easiest Way to Share Visual Feedback
Beyond Google's First Page! - How to get better search results

Web Site Building Tools

Weebly - Drag and Drop web page creation
Wikispaces - Collaborative, easy way to build web pages
Classjump - Free, curriculum based web sites
iWeb - Apple's free, drag and drop web page creation software
Wix Flash-based, easy to use web site building tool

Chat/Video Conferencing Tools


Flip Video Cameras/Digital Images

Using Flip Video cameras in the classroom

Assessment and Homework Resources

NDE (Nebraska Department of Education) - State Standards link in left column

Web 2.0 Tool Collections
Free Tech 4 Teachers Outstanding ed tech blog. Richard blogs about at least one new, free online tool for teachers every day.
Classroom web 2.0 tool collection
2009 Top 100 Learning Technology Tools
Wordle Create word clouds
Motivate and Engage Students with Web 2.0
Interesting Ways to Use Search Engines in the Classroom
Shmoop Outstanding resources for middle school, high school and college literature classes. Also had a collection of civics resources.
Footnote- Footnote helps you find and share historic documents. We are able to bring you many never-before-seen historic documents through our unique partnerships with The National Archives, the Library of Congress and other institutions.

Online publishing tools

Why publish online?
Mrs. Kolbert's 4th grade blog

Collection of Web 2.0 tools for literacy
Voicethread - Online posting of images and shared conversation
Prezi - Create poster presentations
Google Docs Create and share online versions of documents, presentations and spreadsheets
Storybird Create your own online storybooks with words and images
Glogster "Posterize" yourself
Wall WisherVirtual sticky note collections
Set up a free, no-ad K-12 Wikispace account

Online Still/Video Comic Creators

Comic Strip improves literacy among boys (article)
Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom (Slideshare)
Jaycut: Free, online video editor
Pivot Stick Animator
Witty Comics
Create Your Own Marvel Comic Book
Claymation in the Classroom
Doink create fun animations with this incredible free animation / drawing tool
Pencil Animation -Download Only
Dfilm easily create fun films
Fluxtime more animation fun
Flipbook create fun flipbooks with this tools
Xtranormal create movies with real characters
Canvastic - create simple animations on this free canvas

Quizlet Enter vocabulary lists and let quizlet create a collection of games based on those terms.
Hot Potatoes Online flash card creator.
Spelling City Excellent spelling practice tool, especially for elementary and middle school students.
FunnelBrain - Answers, Questions, Flashcards
Tutpup - play, compete, learn Excellent math facts practice games. Play against kids from around the world.
Power Proofreading for Grades 2-8
100 Best Websites for Free Homework Help - Online Courses
ABC Reading Eggs
Road to the Capitol What how a bill becomes a law.
Educational Games, Worksheets & Homework Help for Kids, Parents and Teachers
Get A Clue Educational Software
The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers
Storybook - Open Source Novel Writing Software for Novelists, Authors and Creative Writers
Teaching Science
Create and share flashcards - ediscio.com
PlaceValueChart Great tool to practice place values.
Hippocampus - Secondary math, science and American government tutorials tied directly to YOUR textbooks
Great collection of history games and simulations for upper elementary, middle and high school students
Printable Graphic Organizers Galore!
Preschool Science games tied to PEEP tv series

Glimpses of New Technologies

Augmented Reality

GE's solar/wind farm
Virtual Business Cards
Topps Baseball Cards

Cool Tools

Google Voice
Johnny Lee's Wiimote Interactive White Board demo
How to Build an Infrared pen to use with wiimote board
How to connect your wiimote to your Windows Vista machine
How to listen to Husker games on your iphone or ipod
10 Sites to Learn Something in 10 minutes or less each day


Web site story: the musical
My Life is Average
New BBC Talking Animals Series

Interactive White Boards (IWBs)

Technowellies Weblog: Promethean Boards
42 Interesting Ways (and tips) to use your Interactive White Board
Free Mathsframe Interactive Whiteboard Teacher Resources
Teachers Love Smart Boards
PBS Interactive White Board resources for Pre-K through 5

Projectors and Document Cameras

Ideas for using Projectors and Document Cameras to Impact Instruction

Thought Provoking Articles

Reading by the Numbers - New York Times Essay on computerized reading management systems
"The Web site for Renaissance Learning, which owns the program, describes it as a way to build “a lifelong love of reading and learning.” As a novelist and mother of three passionate readers, I’m all for that. But when I looked closer at how the program helps “guide students to the right books,” as the Web site puts it, I was disheartened."

Willing to Be Disturbed
"As we work together to restore hope to the future, we need to include a new and strange ally–our willingness to be disturbed. Our willingness to have our beliefs and ideas challenged by what others think. No one person or perspective can give us the answers we need to the problems of today. Paradoxically, we can only find those answers by admitting we don’t know. We have to be willing to let go of our certainty and expect ourselves to be confused for a time."

Band Achievement and Incentive System Based On "The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band

Technology Integration Matrix

Why Apple’s Tablet Will Eat Kindle’s Lunch

Interesting Studies/Research
RESEARCH ALERT: Systemic and Planned Approaches to Using Technology Improve Learning

Awaiting Classification

101 Undiscovered Freebies: The List - PC World
6 easy laptop repairs: Your step-by-step guide
Technology and Education - Box of Tricks
21 Easy Hacks to Simplify Your Life
Google Steals My Idea and Makes It Better... Go Figure! | Google, Results, Give, Little, Things
65 Things You Should Do Right Now To Avoid Burnout « So You Want To Teach?
100 Useful Tools for Special Needs Students & Educators | Teaching Tips
The Best Free Apps - Free application - Download Free software
The Economist Media Convergence Remix
YouTube - Did You Know 4.0
Twenty-Four Interesting Ways and Tips to use Google Earth in the classroom
‘ThumbTack’ microphone for iPod
Course: Intro to NROC Schools
Top 10 Back to School iPhone Apps Gallery
FableVision Posters!
educational-origami - Starter Sheets
DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Tools and Technologies for Effective Classrooms
Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration
10 Educational uses for Flip Video | DigMo!
Only2Clicks.com: visual bookmark sharing! | Welcome to NCS-Tech!
Instructional Technology Department - Resources
BigHugeLabs and Education
Welcome to Aviary
Digg Launches New Toolbar - Makes Digging and Sharing Easier
For Apple, accessibility is much more than lip service - Ars Technica
StoryBoard Pro Software - Atomic Learning
Assess Yourself - Atomic Learning

Google Spreadsheet: Activities for Various Web 2.0 Tools