Lynne's notes from the Understanding and Preventing Online Cruelty Workshop
September 29, 2010 in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League.

Music Video About Cyberbullying : Let’s Fight It Together

What is cyberbullying?
Willful and repeated hard inflected through electronic media. Most of the time, you don’t know who the perpetrator is.

Types of Cyberbullying
Flaming: Online fights
Harassment: repeated offenses
Cyberstalking: repeated threats (often with boyfriend/girlfriends)
Denigration: disparaging messages
Exclusion: leaving others out
Trolling: stirring conflict
Impersonation: posing as others
Outing and trickery: revealing secrets (Common among 12-15 year olds)

Who are the Cyberbullies?
Anyone can be a bully when it comes to cyberbullying. Bullies do not have to be the physically strong any more. Queen bees.
Anyone can bully. Predominant in high school. Girls are as involved as boys. Causes as much or more distress. Anonymity intensifies cruelty. Invisibility lessens empathy. Victimization is 24/7. Impact is instant and far-reaching. Often smarter, sophisticated kids who are doing the cyberbullying.

How Should We Respond to Cyberbullying?
Save evidence
Investigate and respond
Involved law enforcement
Consult an attorney
Follow up with the perpetrator’s family
Provide support
Block harassers
Report incidents
Read out

How Should Students Respond?
Ignore the bullying, don’t prolong it. DO NOT REPLY.
Don’t feel shame. Tell others. Go to parents, school counselors, etc. REPORT OFFENSE.
Guard yourself against future bullying. – Educators are often victims of bullying by students. PROTECT YOURSELF. (Block, change email address, etc.)

Suggested Web Site for Help in Addressing Cyberbullying - Note has one lesson plan for each grade level span: Elem, middle and high school. Glossary, resources, etc. Middle School has two PSAs to use with kids.

What Can the Anti-defamation League Offer Your School?
Cyber ALLY half day or full day training for middle and high school students that increases awareness about the unique impact of cyberbullying, provides strategies for students to respond effectively to cyberbullying and fosters an increased culture of e-safety, all behavior, etc.

Examples of Cyberbullying Mentioned During the Session:
YoutTube: “Star Wars Kid”
Youtube: Top 6 Ways to Kill Piper. By 5th grade girls.
Welcome to the Page that Makes Fun of Dave Knight – was up for 7 months before parents could get removed. Required legal action against Yahoo to get it removed. – hurtful but allowed – hurtful but allowed
Hot or not. You post a photo and then are rated by people. Explicit photos.

If physical threat: Involve law enforcement.

Happy slapping: Fake fights and snap photos and send around.

2009, Lakeland, FL. Group of teens fighting via texts, lured a girl to a location. She was beaten, locked up, transported . . .all was filmed. She reported it. Permanent hearing damage. Felony charges. All charges were dropped to misdemeanors. No time served.

Jesse Logan story. Entering senior year of HS. Sent a partially nude photo of herself to boyfriend via cell phone. They broke up. He showed photo and his friends forwarded to others. Her mother knew nothing about it but school notified mom that Jesse was skipping school. Mom asked for help from school and local media. Committed suicide.

Cruel Intentions: Prime Time live video on cyberbullying. Study about “the good kids” – mean girls segment.

Growing up Online – PBS home video.

Claire – legal info: Arne Duncan “Bullying is a part of the continuum of school safety. Dangerous, if left unattended it can rapidly escalating behavior. Similar to gateway drugs.

Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School Dist. 1969 Students wanted to wear black arm bands. Students won.

“substantial and material disruption of ed obj. or interferes with another student’s rights

Student who gave speech about “firm” – school won due to obscenity.

Bong hits for Jesus. School may restrict speech that is reasonably regarded as promoting illegal drug use. Student was out under sick note. Wasn’t on school property. Court said that because he went to school sponsored event and interacted with school students, he was under school’s authority at the time.

Student do have right to free speech.

Schools can limit speech that causes “substantial and material” disruption of educational objectives or interferes with another student’s rights

2. School-sponsored speech is not protected. Newspapers, blogs, etc.
Off campus speech may only be regulated if it causes substantial and material threat of disruption on campus AND school nexus must be established. Document how speech is coming in and out of school.

Ne79-2137: Nebraska Anti-bullying Law: On school grounds, or in school vehicle or school sponsored activity or events

Schools must have adopted an anti-bullying policy by July 1, 2009. Sample policy included in workshop materials.